How Does Vaping CBD Oil Help Pain and Inflammation?

Traditionally, the main resource for pain and inflammation management has been drugs that are not only dangerous but also habit forming case in point, opioids. While these drugs have been proven to be effective in pain management, their effectiveness comes at a price. When some of the drugs are used for long-term pain management, they adversely affect body systems and organs, including the liver and the kidneys. In other cases, the long-term use of pain medication exacerbates the risk of prescription drug abuse and in worst-case scenarios, they can be a bridge to illicit drug use.

With the negative side effects in mind, Cannabidiol better known as CBD is being proposed at least as a supplement to these long-term treatment drugs and in some cases as a replacement. Although CBD there needs to be far more and in-depth research into CBD as a pain and inflammation treatment option, initial research suggests that CBD has the capability of being effective.

For instance, a 200 study review assessed how effective CDB was in the management of chronic pain. The assessment took on board the findings of studies carried out during the periods of the 1980s to 2007 ( Of importance to this article is that the study revealed CBD to be very effective at general chronic pain management, doing so while yielding little to no adverse side effects.

On the other hand, an Imperial College London research found that CBD can reduce inflammation by up to 50 percent in mice. In the same light, a G.W Pharmaceuticals study showed that CBD could be used to treat the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis including inflammation.

So how does CBD function to reduce pain and inflammation? It does through its complex interaction with the endocannabinoids receptors. We have an endocannabinoids system which reduces receive and translate the signals received from the cannabinoids that we naturally produce. While THC affects the receptors in this system, CBD on the other hand just influences how receptor performs its work with relation to the activating and inhibiting the cannabinoids present in our bodies.

As such, for pain and inflammation inhibitions, some researchers reckon that Every Day Optimal CBD vape oil is able to this by inhibiting the absorption of anandamide. Anandamide as a compound is used to regulate pain and therefore, by inhibiting its absorption in the body, it reduces the amount of pain that you feel. On the other hand, the presence of CBD in your blood helps to reduce the amount of inflammation in the nervous system and the brain.

It thus can be used for conditions such as arthritis and the pain and inflammation experienced during cancer treatment. It is little wonder that the National Cancer Institute ( has named the use CBD as a possible means of relieving the pain (and other symptoms) experienced during chemotherapy.

Why Vaping CBD As Pain And Inflammation Management Drug Is revolutionary

One of the benefits of using CBD is it natural chemical compound. Aside from extraction, CBD is usually never combined with other chemicals. CBD can be extracted from legal industrial hemp plants as well from the flowers and the bud of female cannabis medical plants. However, due to the restriction pertaining to the possession and use of hemp plants and medical cannabis plants, they are usually extracted using sophisticated procedures from the stalks of hemp plants.

Another benefit of this compound is its inability to cause a high. Unlike THC which is famed for the high effect that it yields, CBD is not psychoactive. Consumers, therefore, do not experience an altered state of mind. It thus can be used by people leading active lives who still require their faculties unaltered while taking the medication.

Finally, it is not habit forming, unlike the vast majority of traditionally pain meds in widespread use today.