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posted 2014-04-16

Somehow I found time to rehost all my sites. At home of all places. A nice Dell server now hums along making ALL of my sites faster than the Amazon instance I was using.

If you find any broken links or speed issues let me know. For now the site will remain up, however I may or may not make updates to the content. There are A LOT of photos and I feel bad not adding to them as you all have a lot of great photos I need to add.


posted 2014-02-02

Due to work and my new home business I just haven't had time to give this site the love it deserves.

I feel bad that I have not had time to add images and continue to make other improvements.

Because of this as of today I am going to discontinue updates and will likely shut the site down in the next few months. It costs a great deal to host all the images and with no updates I don't see the point in keeping the site up.

If you might be interested in taking over hosting and maintenance I'd be happy to entertain offers. You must be willing to accept the agreement I've already made with the photographers about use/reuse of their photos and to host the site yourself.

It's been a great run for the site since 2002 but I just don't have the time any more.


posted 2012-11-07

Today I completed moving some of the image hosting to Amazon's S3 service.

You'll notice that the image galleries are wicked fast. I hope to move the rest of the image hosting there as well.

Adding Photos

posted 2012-07-29

Photos are added almost daily and most likely will for several months.

I have a huge back log of photos to add so keep checking if you are after specific photos.

Welcome to the updated JHP

posted 2012-07-28

After 6 months of hand coding, contacting photographers to get photo rights and lots of testing the new JHP is ready!

Since the site is brand new again...please let me know your thoughts!

Almost ready to launch!

posted 2012-07-25

The new site is almost live!


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